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GT Prep/Cognitive Skills Development:

Academy4Enrichment is pleased to announce the launch of the 5/10 months GT Prep CogAT/NNAT courses, for KG, 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders. This program helps build students cognitive skills required for Gifted & Talented exams. Good scores on these exams are required to qualify for the GT Programs.

What is this GT Prep course about?

This GT Prep course is a wonderful opportunity for children in grades KG, 1, 2 & 3 to prepare for the CogAT & NNAT exams in order to qualify for the Gifted & Talented programs. This GT prep course will increase the chances of achieving a high percentile ranking in CogAT & NNAT tests.

How does it benefit your child?

  • Enables your child to know the CogAT & NNAT problems and strategies
  • Develops reasoning, problem solving, and critical reading skills
  • Offers practice tests and materials

How can we help your child?

Our GT Prep course is designed to introduce and enrich the skills needed to score highly on the CogAT & NNAT exams. During this course, we cover over 9 different categories of cognitive skills in Math, Verbal & Non-Verbal sections. During each session, student will be given practice materials by topic and timed practice tests. To simulate real CogAT & NNAT test experience students take one or more sections of practice GT exams each week. Students also take four full-length practice GT exams on designated time slots on weekends.

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive GT Prep course is offered for over 5 to 10 months
  • Class size is limited to 8 students
  • Designed to match the Gifted & Talented Programs eligibility requirements.
  • Taught by experienced teachers and highly qualified instructors
  • Writing/Math/Reading Enrichment will done in Parellel
  • Feedback on a regular basis


  • 2 hours or 120 minute class each week
  • $150 per month or $425 for the three months.

How do I register?

Click here to register.

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