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How is each weeks class is organized?

During each session, teachers will review the concepts topic by topic. Students are also given homework assignments to build on the topics discussed in the class room. Timed quizzes are conducted on the topics discussed in the class to measure the students grasp of the concepts.website.

What is covered in this Program? Academy4Enrichment

Math: Some of the topics included in this program are number concepts, fractions, decimals, word problems, geometry, measurements, probability, statistics, graphs, functions, logical reasoning, and counting. This course focuses on math facts as well as applications, word problems and covers all the problem solving strategies.
English: Covers multiple levels of vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, and different types of writing skills.

What is our class structure for Enrichment Program?

vocabulary, reading, writing, math, & science classes taught by the experienced and qualified county teachers. Each subject has class work, homework, and quizzes. Quizzed are based on the material covered during the previous week. Students will then spend time learning important topics in math, english, and science focusing on those relevant to the Enrichment Program. They will also learn strategies and tips for scoring well on the Enrichment Program.

How is the student's progress monitored?

We measure each student's progress with a quizzes each week, and full-length practice exams. Scores will be reported on the web through the parent login.

Is class size limited?

All classes are limited to 12 students. This is to ensure that each student receives individual attention from our teachers.

What if a month has 5 classes in it?

The fee for any month is $200 regardless of the number of classes.

What if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund fees for individual classes. We will provide materials for missing classes.

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