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Congratulations to "2016 Batch" of Academy students who got TJ/AOS/AET final admission. Please report us your TJ, AOS and AET admission results by clicking here on Report TJ/AOS/AET Results.
Summer Camp enrollments are open for all the centers. Please call us at 703-728-2832/703-679-7737 to get more information about summer camps or click on the Summer Camps link.
National Science League Competition registration is Open, Please register online and pay at one of our locations and pickup the sample test/study materials.
SOL Prep sessions are in progress until June, Please call us for more details 703-728-2832.
Summer Camp 2017:
  • Camps are focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Enrichment, Critical Thinking, Writing and much more..
  • Early registration discount of 5% will end on March 31st.
  • Enrolling for five or more courses will give additional 5% discounts only before March 31st.
  • Summer Camp payments can be made only at the centers by check only.
  • Please walk-in to the respective centers on the weekend between 9:30 - 6:30 pm to see our class rooms.
  • Please call us at 703-728-2832/703-679-7737 to get more information.
What is Unique about Academy 4 Enrichment?
  • 80% Success in final admissions from second round coaching in AOS/TJ Admissions from 2009 to 2016
  • Highly Qualified Teachers for SAT, PSAT, AOS Prep, and TJ Prep
  • Offers interactive small group sessions
  • Provides 1-on-1 Individual Writing Sessions
  • Classes are conducted in different time slots at multiple locations
  • Parents have access to online scores to monitor their child's progress
The Academy is offering:
  • CogAT/NNAT Classes for Grades 1,2, and 3
  • Math & English Enrichment classes for Grades 1 to 5
  • AOS Prep and TJ Prep classes for Grades 6,7, and 8
  • PSAT/SAT Prep classes for Grades 9-11
  • After School Program in Ashburn, Herndon, McLean, and South Riding
  • Summer Camps in STEM, Chess, Robotics, Writing etc..
  • IAAT Prep for 6th Graders
  • ACSL for Elementary, Middle and High School students

The "Academy Students" who got the Final Admission into TJHSST & AOS High Schools.
AOS/TJ Prep Results - The Academy Students "Batch of 2016" - So far Reported..
Amey Gupta
School: Belmont Ridge MS
Patrick Hutecker
Trailside MS
Rachel Fernandes
School: Rachel Carson MS
Saketh Gabbita
School: Stone Hill MS
Ipsita Das
School: Stone Hill MS
Sidharth Burre
School: Lunsford MS
Nikash Gujjari
School: Mercer MS
Aneesh Boreda
School: Stone Hill MS
Varun Shankar
School: Seneca Ridge MS
Aastha Mistry
School: Eagle Ridge MS
Nitin Elavarasu
School: Trailside MS
Sidarth Ram
School: Liberty MS
Mahi Bhatt
School: Stone Hill MS
Pranav Addepalli
School: Stone Hill MS
Ayush Hariharan
School: Stone Hill MS
Anvita Guda
School: Farmwell Station MS
Manu Onteeru
School: RiverBend MS
Maria Abramova
School: Stone Hill MS
Sanika Karandikar
School: Farmwell Station MS
Samuel Kim
School: Long Fellow MS
Sala Ba
School: Stone Hill MS
Subhi Saibaba
School: Stone Hill MS
Rohan Kalra
School: Belmont Ridge MS
Ria Hosuru
School: Reagan MS
Anish Kalyan
School: Lunsford MS
AOS/TJ Prep Results - the Academy Students "Batch of 2015"
Harshita Pasham
School: Kilmer MS
Sajni R. Vederey
School: Kilmer MS
Yash Shekar
School: Kilmer MS
Kobe Lum
School: Longfellow MS
Joseph C Rejive
School: Longfellow MS
Grace Qi
School: Longfellow MS
Siona Prasad
School: Longfellow MS
School: Loudoun
Shiv Lamba
School: Loudoun country day school
Anurika Kumar
School: Lunsford MS
Satya Paruchuri
School: Lunsford MS
Neha Chinthapatla
School: Lunsford MS
Yuhei Hattori
School: Mary G. Porter Traditional School
Dhairya Bhatt
School: Mercer MS
Ish Sethi
School: Pennington Traditional
Anvitha Chimata
School: Rachel Carson MS
Pranusha Amancherla
School: Rachel Carson MS
Nitika Malhotra
School: Ronald Reagan MS
Ethan Choi
School: Lunsfurd MS
Aditya Muralikrishna
School: Stone Hill MS
Srija Pinnamaneni
School: Stone Hill MS
Kirthana Srinivasan
School: Trailside MS
Neil Bayya
School: Belmont Ridge
Aditya Kotapalli
School: Belmont Ridge
Rohan Chanda
School: Belmont Ridge MS
Isha Bhangui
School: Eage Ridge MS
Medhini Sosale
School: Eagle Ridge MS
Ishaan Dwivedi
School: Farmwell Station MS
Saminder Chawla
School: Farmwell Station MS
Shreya K
School: Lunsford MS
Satya Paruchuri
School: Lunsford MS
Shruthi Nyshadham
School: Lunsford MS
Anurika Kumar
School: Lunsford MS
2014 AOS/TJ Prep Results
Shreyan Jaiswal MathCounts Regional Topper Aashish Batheja
PSAT County Topper - Score 235/240
Naman Baraya
PSAT Score 233/240
Pranav Yanambakam
MathCounts School Topper
Yuki Oyama Amitesh Kotwal Alex Chang Gopika Rajanikanth
Rishika Randev Anoop Hariharan Rasvik Kudum Oliver Bishop
Yash Bolisetty Rohan Boyapati Srinidhi Krishnamurthy Harish Sundararaman
Neil Dattani Rohan Repala Varun Mosur Rohan Valluri
Vihita Kateti Avanindra Balasubramaniam Tamun Hanjra Robert Kim
Vanshika Narala Pragun Ananda Arya Saravanan Kyle Yoon
Shreya Ganta Raghav Saravanan Jazleen Virk Adit Singh
Amit Joshi Srivalli Veligeti David Yan Rhea Tanamala
Sachin Jain
2013 AOS/TJ Prep Results
Anshu Sharma Sahithya Vishwanath Rudra Dasgupta Prabhav Bhaumik
Abhishek Mogili William Cho Tahsin Chowdhury Tarun Singh
Shreya Singh Jacob Coleman Varun Raja Saloni Bhargava
Usha Sree Tripuramaalu Bharat Venkat Neal Pillai Alay Shah
Rishab Sriramoju
2012 AOS/TJ Prep Results
Maitre Patel
Eagle Ridge MS
Shrey Gupta
Stone Hill MS
Anuraag Yachamaneni
Stone Hill MS
Abhi Chada
Eagle Ridge MS
Sai Gavva
Eagle Ridge MS
Krishna Gadde
Lunsford MS
Sahil Yedulla
Farmwell Station MS
Vamsi Manne
Lunsford MS
Bhavanesh Murali
Lunsford MS
Raghava Pamula
Mercer MS
Sahith Malayala
Farmwell Station MS
Kaushik Venkatesh
Stone Hill MS
Jaehee Yang
Farmwell Station MS
Jane Chang
Belmont Ridge MS
Nathaniel Joseph
Stone Hill MS
2011 AOS/TJ Prep Results
Mallika Subandh
Stone Hill MS
Pooja Chandrashekar
Nyssmith MS
Katherine Yan
Farmwell Station MS
Sushma Reddy Nalavala
Carson MS
Roshan Dani
Stone Hill MS
Tulika Chaudhary
Stone Hill MS
Surya Sampath
Smarts Mill MS
Kalyan Madanapalli
Carson MS
Shreya Garg
Stone Hill MS
Newton Nagirimadugu
Stone Hill MS
Yash Singh
Farmwell Station MS
Stone Hill MS
Our AOS/TJ Prep results
Over 80% of all 2009 to 2015 Academy students who were selected in the Semifinalist Pool were accepted to either AOS or TJ high School. Academy Students have earned the top PSAT score for the 5th consecutive year for AOS admissions.
Summer Camps
A4e offers academic and fun filled summer camps for grades 1 through 10. Summer Camp Info...
Academy ACSL Team Results
Academy ACSL team advanced to the ACSL All-Star National Level Competition in the 3rd consecutive year. Congratulations to all the Academy Students for thier hard work.
GT Prep classes
A4e offers NNAT and CogAT Preparation classes for grades 1 through 3. More Info...
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