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Payment Policy
Current month tuition is due by 10th of the month. Late payment fee of $10 shall be charged after payment deadline. One month's tuition will be collected at registration time as a refundable deposit. One month advance notice is required for any withdrawal. Shorter notice will result in a prorated refund of the deposit amount.

Monthly/Quarterly Payment Details By Grade (Effective from Jan 2014)
Course Grade Price
Loudoun CogAT Prep(Long Term) 2nd grade $500 for 4 Months(from Oct to Jan)
Loudoun NNAT Prep(Session-I) 2nd grade $300 for 10 Weeks(from Apr to Middle June)
Loudoun NNAT Prep(Session-II) 2nd/Rising 3rd grade $300 for 10 Weeks(from Middle June to Aug)
Loudoun NNAT Prep(Test & Review Session) 3rd grade $200 for one Month (Sept)
Fairfax NNAT Prep (Long Term) 1st grade $125 for a Month (from Oct to Feb)
Fairfax FxAT/CogAT Prep (Long Term) 1st/Rising 2nd grade $500 for 5 Months/20 Weeks(from May to Sept)

Refund Policy
Fees paid on a quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly basis will be refunded after deducting tuition dues at the monthly rate. Advance notice of one month is required. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing the refund check. You can reach us at 703-679-PREP, if you need any clarifications on our refund policy.

Mode of Payment
We accept all credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover for Monthly/Quarterly Recurring Payments ONLY. We also accept cash and payment by check.

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