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What is the SAT ?

The SAT is an exam administered by The College Board to test college and career readiness. It is primarily used for the purpose of gaining admission to college. The SAT is widely considered to be the single most important test you take in high school.

What is SAT Prep Course?

Academy4Enrichment is pleased to announce the launch of the SAT Prep course. This program helps prepare students to take the SAT test. This course is aligned to prepare students for the Math, Reading, and Writing and Language tests.

What is this SAT Prep Course about?

Enables your child to know the SAT test pattern and strategies
Develops reasoning, problem solving, and critical reading skills
Enriches Math concepts in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Probability
Offers interactive small group sessions
Creates a stronger foundation for SAT test takers

How do I register for the SAT Prep Course?

There are two ways to sign up for the SAT Prep Course:

By phone: 703-679-PREP (or) 703-728-2832. Students may only register for the SAT Prep course over the phone if they are RETAKING the Course.
Email: to register.

How can we help your child?

Our SAT Prep Course is designed to introduce and enrich the skills needed to score highly on the SAT critical reading, writing and language, and math sections. During this session we cover over 50 Math Concepts in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Probability,as well as test taking strategies. To simulate real SAT test experience students take one Math section and one Writing and Language section of SAT tests as a timed quizzes each week.

What are the Course Highlights?

SAT Prep Course is aligned with SAT exams during the year.
Class size is limited to 10 students
Designed to match needs students
Taught by Regular feedback to studens and parents highly qualified instructors

What about Cost & Schedules?

Two hour class each week
Saturdays between 1:30 - 3:30pm
Fridays Writing session between 6:30 - 8:30pm
$175 per month.

When should I start preparing for the SAT?

Because the SAT is the most important test for college admissions, it is always best to start preparing as early as possible. This allows more preparation time to achieve your score goals. For students who have the goal of becoming a National Merit Semi-finalist, it is best to start by June before 10th grade. Otherwise, a student should start by the summer before their 11th grade to maximize the effectiveness of our program because there are no distractions such as school homework, projects, exams or any other school activities.Too late!.

How many times can I take the SAT?

This wont quite correct many colleges now superscore. They accept the top scores in each section lvy's ask for all scores.

What if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund fees for individual classes. We will provide materials for missing classes.

Do you assign homework?

Homework from official practice tests is assigned after every lesson.

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