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Our AOS/AET Test Preparation Strategy

We have a comprehensive plan to prepare 6th, 7th & 8th graders to meet the requiremens of AOS/AET Admission exams, and we are committed to working with them on buiding foundation for:
  • STEM Thinking Skills
  • CCTDI and CCTST tests
  • Essay Writing skills
  • Interest Statement
  • Academic Records
We also prepare students for various STEM activities and competitions. Those are like Engineering/Robotics camps, Programming/Coding classes, Science & Math Olympiads, AMC8/MathCounts, Continental Math League(CML), Virginia Math League(VML). These activities/competitions preparation helps students for the rigorous academic environment at the AOS/AET. We strongly believe our conceptual teaching approach provides the needed foundation for any high school.

AOS/AET Prep Course Details
  • Preparing for Critical thinking Tests(CCTDI/STEM Thinking Skills/CCTST)
  • Essay Writing/Interest Statement Preparation classes
Who will benefit from our Program?
  • Looking for AOS Prep or AET Prep?
  • Looking for scoring high in AOS/AET Critical thinking Tests(CCTDI/STEM Thinking Skills/CCTST)?
  • Looking for Individual Writing classes for Second Cut Preparation?
  • Think you might need some Math/English Enrichment?
  • Academy4Enrichment is the place for you!

AOS/TJ/AET Admission Process:

For the AOS/TJ/AET Admissions, students are selected through a rigorous Admissions process with an acceptance rate of less than 20% for TJ and less than 10% for the AOS. The AOS/TJ/AET Admission tests cover a wide range of challenging topics. It can be very difficult to have a complete grasp of all the subjects needed for the exams. As these Admission tests are an important part of the High School Admission process, you need a high score to ensure your position. Since it is a competitive exam, you may feel you need some help in order to achieve a higher score.

Who is teaching?

Our classes are taught by highly qualified and certified high school AP teachers, holding Ph.D, who are experts in solving critical thinking problems in Math & English.

How do I register?

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